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Right out of the box, the E225W-19203R looks like every other recent monitor from Sceptre. It’s the same sleek metallic profile, workplace design that ...

Acer EB321HQU Awidpx Review

$249.99 $269.99

Most people still use a 1080p monitor, and there’s absolutely nothing with that. But now that the prices of 1440p and 4K are closer to affordable, it is ...

Editor choice

With a pronounced curve and gamer-friendly features, the Sceptre C328B-144KN not only delivers a better gaming experience than its flat-screen counterparts, ...

Best value

Sceptre C248B-144R Review

$179.90 $199.99

The Sceptre C248B-144R is a gaming monitor that sports a pronounced curve and other gamer-centric features that most 24-inch competitors, but does so for ...

Sceptre C278W-1920R Review

$129.99 $149.99

Multiple hot new features and innovations have been dotting the PC monitor market recently. For Sceptre’s latest large format and daily-use model, therefore, ...

Sceptre E205W-16008A Review

$66.99 $149.99

Designed for home-office users and students with limited budgets, the Sceptre E205W-16008A is a value 20-inch monitor that uses active matrix technology to ...

Best value

During the IFA 2016, I tinkered with Samsung's new gaming monitors and the experience was impressive. Samsung is seriously rolling its dice into gaming with ...

HP Pavilion 22cwa Review

$65.40 $74.00

For everyday users, the 21.5-inch HP Pavilion 22cwa LED-monitor shines with its “floating screen” design. This is part of the latest crop of monitors that ...

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