Pogamat Large Exercise Mat 78″ x 48″ Review

Pogamat Large Exercise Mat 78″ x 48″ Review

Mats are important items for our regular workouts, may it be you are up to Yoga or other regular work outs. A comfortable mat lets you achieve your optimum workout for it gives you a base which doesn’t strain your body and skin. There are a variety of mats in the market cheap ones and expensive ones but there are few which can serve you better like the Pogamat Large Exercise Mat for $99.99 at Amazon .

What we liked about it

  • No Odor:You do not need to let Pogamat air out before using. You can unroll Pogamat and start working out immediately.
  • Anti-Slip Surface:  The top of the yoga mat has a non-sticky grip and traction to keep from slipping.
  • Material Does Not Crumble:  Pogamat is made of high quality material and designed for high intensity workouts. You can wear shoes on our thick exercise mats and they will not crumble.
  • Pogamat large thick exercise matsare made of high density eco-friendly PVC. Latex free. Toxin Free.
  • Rounded Corners:  Keeps the mat lying flat and the edges from peeling up.
  • Great on Any Surface:  Pogamat has a textured bottom to prevent sliding on any surface. Pogamat thick exercise mats have been used on carpet, tile, hardwood, grass, in garages, and parking lots.
  • Portable:  Available shoulder strap makes Pogamat easily portable.  Perfect exercise mat for cardio class.

Our Opinion.

This mat not only has the added length and width, but it is also the thickest mat you can find (while still being functional for your yoga)

The thickness helps you stick much better. You can dig your toes in and not worry about taking chunks out of the mat. You can use shoes on it as well and had no problems. This mat does not slide around on the floor or roll up. It stays put and it helps me stay put during your intense workout or Yoga

You will notice a very slight amount of slipperiness on your first couple uses, but the slipping will not be more than an experience on a regular cheap mat. After a week the slipperiness will go away and the mat will grips like no other.

This mat is responsibly made and won’t leech toxins onto your skin and there no weird odor or anything like that so stay put with confidence on that may

The only pullback noted by most users is that It is too heavy to comfortably carry with a mat strap and digs into the shoulder and you might up just lugging it in your arms but you can make other alternate ways of carrying it like at the boot of your car.

The Pogamat Large Exercise Mat  for $99.99 at Amazon  has a varied use, from heavy workouts a month straight with shoes to light exercises, and shows very little wear and tear. It is easy to clean, doesn’t start to flake and disintegrate a few months, making it a great mat to have.