Char-Broil Quickset 3-Burner Gas Grill Review

Char-Broil Quickset 3-Burner Gas Grill Review
  • This is an O.E.M. authorized part
  • The OEM Part Number is G312-2102-W1A
  • This is an authorized aftermarket product
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The Char-Broil Quickset 3-Burner Gas Grill present a clear alternative to standard gas grills. Most gas grills produce a significant amount of convection heat and usually need a sear burner to reach steak house temps. Some other brands of infrared grills can sear, but lack a low temperature range. Char-Broil feels their Tru-Infrared gas grills are versatile and easy to use because they are designed to produce juicy meats, prevent flare-ups, and reduce fuel consumption.




  • Liquid propane gas grill is great for smaller outdoor spaces
  • 530-Sq In total cooking area: 360 -Sq In primary and 170 -Sq In warming rack
  • Porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates are easy to clean
  • 3 durable stainless steel burners provide even heat and low flare-ups
  • Piezo push-button ignition for quick and easy startups
  • Fixed side shelves provide prep space
  • Three 10,000 BTU stainless steel tubular burners
  • 30,000 BTU maximum output from the main burners
  • Powder coated steel sheet metal body and frame with plastic side tables

This 3-burner gas grill has all the space and power to handle any outdoor cookout. The gas grill with side burner has a total cooking area of 545 square inches, accommodating everything from a slab of ribs to steaks and burgers. Durable porcelain steel lid and firebox metal shelves ensure safety and longevity.

Porcelain coated steel is used throughout on the housing and steel wire grates. The warming rack has a nice “swing away” feature that lifts it up and out of the way when tending the primary cooking surface. Piezo electric ignition fires it up. The cart is stripped down, like the grill: a frame with side shelves and two large black plastic wheels.



What we liked about it

  • The temperature gauge will Keep track of the pre-heat status and monitor the inside temperature of your grill.
  • The porcelain grates are durable, rust resistant and easy-to-clean.
  • Stainless steel burners are durable for they are built to last
  • The side burners help you to warm up sauces and side dishes to complement what you grill, or flip the lid down and use the surface as additional work space.
  • The warming rack swings back when you open the grill lid, so you can easily reach the food on your cooking grates.
  • Great for grilling and indirect cooking at low temperatures. Just close the lid and youll get even heat and low flare-ups.

Our Verdict

Not all of us wish to do heavy grilling hence need a smaller grill. Char-Broil Quickset 3-Burner Gas Grill is perfect for grillers needing a smaller gas grill that packs a powerful punch, this 3-burner model is perfect for you  because when you are not grilling the side burners are so much in handy for whatever you may want to prepare.

With durable burners and grates, this grill was built to keep you grilling for the long haul. It features a lidded side burner, a warming rack and handy side shelves. This grill will do it all without making a dent in your wallet.

This is the least expensive of Char-Broil’s gas grills. This three burner model offers nothing more than a three burner gas grill. Simple, lightweight, and inexpensive

This grill is also designed and manufactured to sell for a price that’s hard to pass up. It might not of the superior quality but the drive has been to reach the lowest price tag because there are other clients where the pocket dent is of much importance hence the delicate balance of superior quality and cost.

Be that as it may, we appreciate Char-Broil’s TRU-Infrared full size gas grills for economy, unique design, ease of use and solid customer service. For low cost gassers, and Char-Broil manages to build in just a little more quality than most brands in this price range.